Let us introduce our 2024 spring collection The Eccentric Gardener. This unique collection offers a series of close-to-skin experiences with bed linens, down duvets, pajamas, morning coats, and accessories designed to be used around the clock, both indoors and outdoors. 

”We have previously produced limited-edition garments using surplus material from our premium bed linens. For this new collection, we decided to expand the range to include bed linens, pajamas, and accessories in the same high quality. We have chosen to garment dye to prevent overproduction and focus on a smart, sustainable manufacturing process. To be more eco-friendly, we also package our bed linens in fabric bags made from production waste.”, says My Adler Ericsson, Production and Sourcing.

Each product is carefully crafted and reflects their commitment to always reduce their footprint, echoing Voltaire’s Candide quote: ”We must cultivate our garden.” The Eccentric Gardener is a bothanical tapestry of retro flowers, where subtle yet vibrant floral patterns meet a color palette inspired by the different seasons of the garden. From ”Butterfly” in the year’s first butterfly to ”Snowfall” in frozen precipitation in April, and ”Faded Rose” symbolizing the fading beaauty of autumn.

A unique touch of timeless elegance is also incorporated through pajamas with shirt trims, creating a sharp and tailored look.

”After finishing my studies at Parson’s in New York, I started working at Tiger of Sweden. There, I was asked to design suits with a focus on comfort for sleeping, aiming for individuals to wake up feeling as stylish as they did before going to bed. This probably reflects the style of the 2000s. I think our pajamas, intended for more than just sleep, tell a story that resonates with the current decade. These are clothes meant to be worn around the clock.”, explains Sofia Gromark Norinder, Design Director.

The Eccentric Gardener is meticulously crafted with a robust emphasis on both sustainability and style, tailored to individuals seeking to embody a chic and eco-conscious lifestyle.