Our commitment is to do our very best every day, in every detail, in every choice, to make the very best decisions for our environment and the planet, but to still create things, realize ideas and produce objects that brighten our everyday lives.

Sustainability is a mindset. Each product is carefully crafted from ethical sources and reflect our commitment to always reducing our footprint. As a humble and hopeful whisper to our earth. We want our products to have a long life just as the products that inspires us.


Down Blankets:

Down – an ancient, natural and almost tireless materil that can be used over and over again. Our recycled down from the supplier Re:Down proves that. 97% of the collected goods are recycled. Down and feathers which are damaged becomes organic fertilizers and the textile shells comes out as insulating material. And we make sure our products are filled with 100% recycled down and reborn in color.

Down is a natural and almost indestructible material, a very valuable raw material. It has been recycled at all times. Not so long ago, when the fabric of duvets and pillows was worn out, the down was taken out to be washed, it was then mixed with new down before new pillows and duvets were made. For years this way of reusing was forgotten. With today’s technology no new down is needed – you can make new products in 100 percent recycled down. We have given new life to the down and filled our duvet/blanket with recycled down from Re:Down



The quality is carefully selected. It’s a crisp compact durable 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS  Global Organic Textile Standard.

We have chosen to garment wash our bedlinen to avoid overproduction.



We create new production from rare vintage textiles or deadstock fabrics, sometimes dyed in new colors using Oeko-Tex-Standard 100 dyeing method.

There are no two parts alike and that adds uniqueness to the collection. 
Age and longevity can be seen in lines, wrinkles or usage marks. It's part of the charm.

Sometimes the item is in pristine condition then we don't touch it and becomes a part of our vintage collection.