Who we are

Reboco is a bunch of diverse characters from the fashion and design industry, driven by the same desire to create products of the future with deep commitment to sustainable methods. 

We love to dig into the past. Examine the wasted, forgotten and entombed. Dead stocks and leftovers are often the beginning of a new thing at our Studio, located with artisans and ordinary people as neighbors in an industrial property in the suburbs.

Cracking ideas, sketching and sewing are equivalent and daily methods for us in the creation of new products and archetypes for a possible large or small production. We create with craft!


How it all started

You know those beautiful old sheets with embroidered monograms that have been around for generations. The ones you remember from visiting your grandma’s house when you were a child, or (if you’re lucky) find in antique shops. 

The quality is extraordinary, the craftsmanship too. We took them and gave them new life. We washed them, dyed them and resew them to fit modern beds, duvets and pillow cases. And then we went around the world to collect some more.

On one of those trips we started wondering if it was possible to make new ones as well. New ones with the same quality and feel as the old ones. Sustainable and organic, produced in our part of the world to an affordable price and – of course – made in color. The result is a collection of new bed linen produced in Portugal, made to last for generations.

And just like the day always starts in the bed – Reboco started in the bedroom.



Reboco is a vivid, energetic and passionate driven lifestyle brand living in the delta where the business of fashion and home meet. We talk to the fashion junkies, the picky and the refined lifestylers who would never compromise on sustainability.

The product line has progressed to include: a unique curated one of a kind collection, a full range of bedlinen, a collection of pyjamas, ready-to-wear loungewear, bags, accessories and morning coats. All made to be worn 24/7 and not only at home.

Lets dream together...