Fishy Bag


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This unique tote is your new best friend! It doesn't matter if you going to a business meeting, the gym or to a picnic in the park! The fishy bag is the perfect tote for all your needs. 

Fish skin is a by-product from the fishing and fish farming industry. The use of fish leather in Iceland is a very old tradition reaching back to the settlement of the island in the 9th century. We have created a bag combining this old tradition of using the waste from the fish industry with modern technologies and designs. 

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Creative and Conscious
Product Type 3
What will the fashion of the future look like? What can we produce? And what do we want? How and in what quantities. Where? By whom?
We always start the search for answers in our Studio.This is our testing area! Creating modelsprototypes and studio samples which sometimes becomes archetypes for a future maybe-production.
In new materials often made from leftovers and waste of different industriesPioneering new friendlier alternative together with producers who share the same dream and desire to create ingredients for the products of the future.
Cutting each technology. Pushing towards circularity. Always testing before a large-scale production. Utilizing our knowledge and craftsmanshipto create desirable one-off items. And when we offer them here, they are always usable, durable and wearable in short editions.
Hooray for the future!

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