Flower Cusion No1


Tax included.

We wanted to give new life to a gorgeous quilt that was found in an antique shop. Front: Vintage quilt. Backside: Corduroy. Zipped closure.

Size 65x65 cm. Inner pillow not included.

30C Delicate Wash. Hang Dry

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Created & Crafted
Product Type 2
Designed and sustainably crafted in our Studio from rare vintage textiles, outmoded or damaged garments and deadstock fabrics. Often repaired and sometimes dyed in new colors.
There are no two parts alike and that adds uniqueness to the collection.
Each object is bursting with history. Sometimes several from different eras and parts of the world. In the design work, it is important that all stories are heard and seen. Getting along well together and don't talking over the head of each other.
Age and longevity can be seen in lines, wrinkles or usage marks. It's part of the charm.

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